Crista Renouard

Marketing Communication & Design

A creative professional since 2002.


For over ten years, communication and marketing have played a role so central to my life that it goes well beyond occupation. Communication and marketing are more than a set of skills or a title on a job description, they comprise a world view — a way of thinking about life.

Steeped in a culture of design and art in my early career, I stepped into the role of Marketing Manager as a method of improving my design projects – the better the research, the better the fit. Over time, my skill set developed to such a degree that I was not only capable of creating persuasive design, but also determining with accuracy customer buying habits of thousands of items over multiple years using nothing more than a database query and a pivot table. Eventually, my interest in marketing became strategic and dynamic; generating sales reports, coordinating trade show presences, and creating a brand standard all fall within my domain of experience and expertise.

Summarily, the world view that I have through the lens of marketing and communication can be explained using one word; opportunity. Through the proper utilization of what can be construed as problems or hurdles, one creates the environment for growth by harnessing a world view of opportunity. Using this world view, I was able to build the marketing and communication presence from something virtually unrecognizable to what can now be considered an industry standard. And I welcome the opportunity to do it again.